Anybody know when the MLB awards like MVP, Cy Young, and ROY will be announced. I am very anxious to hear the rookie of the year results especially, I am pulling for Porcello!!!

-Tigers Girl


Entrance to Blogtown

Hey! Unfortunately my beloved Tigers did not make the playoffs this year. Touchy subject….

So, I’ll blog about the teams that are fortunate enough to be playing deep into October. The LDS brought many instant classics. My favorite was the Angels coming back to beat the Red Sox in Game 3. Regarding Matt Holiday’s catch…. I agree with Adam Wainwright that it would be very diffucult to see a white ball when 40-50 thousand fans are waving white towels. I have seen Ryan Raburn misjudge a countless number of fly balls in Detroit. But still, I don’t think we give these players enough credit. Anyone who is in the Major Leagues is worthy of being there because Joe Schmo off the street could not play even close to as well as these guys do.

I have to say I’d be happy to see and all LA matchup in the World Series, but we’ll see…..

’til next time,

Tigers Girl


P.S. Andy Van Slyke: Detroit will miss you!